Running Ant

After setting up the Ant environment, you can build the DITA output by running the ant command.

Here are some samples to explain how to use Ant to build sample output in the DITA directory.
Note: To run the Ant demo properly, you should switch to the DITA installation directory under the command prompt. If you are using the "Full Easy Install" package, running the "startcmd" batch file in that directory will give you a prompt that is already set up for the following commands.

To set up your own reusable Ant builds, with access to the full range of DITA-OT parameters, start by using the samples provided in samples/ant_samples/. That directory contains a sample Ant script for each common output format.

Note: To troubleshoot problems in setting up Java, Ant, Saxon, or FOP, you will get better information from the communities for those components rather than the communities for the DITA. Of course, if you find issues relevant to the DITA XSLT scripts (or have ideas for improving them), you are encouraged to engage the DITA community.