DITA complete release history

This document lists major changes and new features by release, going back to the beginning of the toolkit.

DITA Open Toolkit Release 1.5.2

Release 1.5.2 is a maintenance release based on the final version of the DITA 1.2 standard. In addition to tweaks to match late changes in the standard, version 1.5.2 contains many enhancements, user patches, bug fixes, and significant updates to the documentation.

Release 1.5.2 was developed using a series of test builds released to the community every three weeks. Each item in the list below indicates which test build first contained the update. The eighth build was the final build, released as the DITA-OT 1.5.2 final stable build.

[General Enhancements]

  1. Include final version of DITA 1.2 schemas and DTDs
  2. Minor updates to DITA 1.2 support added in earlier releases, to ensure compliance with the final standard
  3. Overhaul of documentation to remove outdated material
  4. Reorganization of doc directory to highlight new and important info

[SourceForge Enhancements Added]

  1. 2797337 Support for ODF output transform (Prototype added in version 1.5.1, updates in each 1.5.2 Milestone, transform complete in Milestone 7)
  2. 3021544 Preserve DITA elements in XHTML class by default (Milestone 1)
  3. 3019853 Create new "textonly" output method for use by any transform (Milestone 1)
  4. 3012392 PDF transformation should allow args.xsl style override (Milestone 1)
  5. 2882123 Add Ant Quick Start Guide to DITA-OT (Updated in each Milestone after 3)
  6. 3086936 Add extension points for TOC output (Eclipse TOC, HTML Help TOC and Project, HTML TOC) (Milestone 6)
  7. 3079610 Add current OT version to log (Milestone 6)
  8. 1520909 HTML Help requires appropriate codepage (Milestone 6)

[SourceForge Patches Added]

  1. 3058008 Refactor chunk module for cleaner code (Milestone 4)
  2. 3067681 Add class to ordered child links (Milestone 5)
  3. 3064412 Integrator fails to escape XML correctly (Milestone 5)
  4. 3062765 Fix unit test file paths to be platform dependent (Milestone 5)
  5. 2949860 PDF build.xml with args for JVM memory and architecture (Milestone 6)
  6. 3077935 Plug-in ignore in Integrator (Milestone 6)
  7. 3065050 Common logging interface (Milestone 6)
  8. 3063318 ChunkModule refactoring (Milestone 6)
  9. 3061100 Define AbstractPipelineInput's function (Milestone 6)

[SourceForge Bugs Fixed]

  1. 2928582 commonTopicProcessing template prolog processing out of order (Milestone 1)
  2. 2823221 version of Xalan-J inconsistent (Milestone 1)
  3. 3023642 Invalid @colname generated in nested table (Milestone 1)
  4. 3016739 Chunking mixes up <link> to topic in reltable (Milestone 1)
  5. 3020314 Chunk output includes index terms in navtitles (Milestone 1)
  6. 3020313 Chunk processor adds <topicref> before <topicmeta> (Milestone 1)
  7. 3031513 Nested table processing in pdf2 (Milestone 2)
  8. 3030317 Filtering doesn't work on @rev or @props attributes (Milestone 2)
  9. 3028650 Replace xs:float with xs:double in Plus plugins (Milestone 2)
  10. 3022847 PDF transform gives Java exceptions for spaces in dir name (Milestone 2)
  11. 3032950 Scale is not correctly computed in XHTML transforms (Milestone 2)
  12. 3033141 dita.xml.properties file not closed after generating (Milestone 2)
  13. 3034445 "CURRENDIR" typo in plus-plugins ( Checked in to CVS during Milestone 3)
  14. 3034489 Remove all occurrences of <xmlcatalog> from plus-plugins ( Checked in to CVS during Milestone 3)
  15. 3035816 When creating .chm, .hhp-file is missing a line-break (Milestone 3)
  16. 3036222 RTF transform not editable with Word 2007 (Milestone 3)
  17. 3036985 Infinite recursivity in replaceString template (Milestone 3)
  18. 3038941 Link with &amp; breaks in abstract (Milestone 3)
  19. 3039017 Comments in PDF plugin files are confusing (Milestone 3)
  20. 3058124 Toolkit Allows Unescaped URLs, doesn't handle escaped ones (Milestone 4)
  21. 3056939 Conref of keyref-based xref results in xref with no href (Milestone 4)
  22. 3052913 Multiple levels of keyref in map not resolved (Milestone 4)
  23. 3052904 Keydef with no href causes hard failure (Milestone 4)
  24. 3052156 Object with data that starts with slash breaks image copying (Milestone 4)
  25. 3044861 Inappropriate warning for resource-only topic to graphic (Milestone 4)
  26. 3042978 @copy-to and @chunk on topichead gives file not found (Milestone 4)
  27. 3016994 The included-domains entity cannot be used in document (Milestone 4)
  28. 2994593 Transformation breaks when DITA Topics contain entity refs (Milestone 4)
  29. 3028894 no support for title in plugin.xml file (Milestone 4)
  30. 3065853 Indent from <title> gets displayed in TOC (PDF) (Milestone 5)
  31. 3065486 CURRENTFILE not aware of DITAEXT (Milestone 5)
  32. 3065422 Wrong filename and filedir parameters for eclipse xsl (Milestone 5)
  33. 3063533 Adjacent words get glued together using DITA to RTF (Milestone 5)
  34. 3062912 Messages extension damages custom message formatting (Milestone 5)
  35. 3059256 Peer links break with missing format or wrong extension (Milestone 5)
  36. 2972393 Need to parameterize maxmemory and VM args for forked JVMs (Milestone 6)
  37. 3060269 Problem displaying French content TOC in CHM output (Milestone 6)
  38. 3038412 zh-CN file for PDF puts English strings in output (partial fix) (Milestone 6)
  39. 3079676 <navtitle> contents included in PDF output (Updated so that <navtitle> in a topic will only appear when the draft parameter is set to 'yes') (Milestone 6)
  40. 3004895 XHTML output for <draft-comment> should use class attribute (Milestone 6)
  41. 2794487 No Easy Way to Override/Extend HTML TOC Navtitle Generation (Milestone 6)
  42. 3088314 Need to clarify many error messages (Milestone 6)
  43. 3095233 Shortdesc metadata missing when using abstract (Milestone 6)
  44. 3081597 conkeyref accepts values in conref style (Milestone 6)
  45. 3081459 fragment generation without plugin fails (Milestone 6)
  46. 3073262 missing terminating quote in bundle version (Milestone 6)
  47. 2832863 <group> elements in catalogs don't work for all editors (Milestone 6)
  48. 3038933 Troff output drops prereq links (Milestone 7)
  49. 3098975 Disable Output Escaping Should Not Be Used (Milestone 7)
  50. 3102827 Allow a way to specify recognized image extensions (Milestone 7)
  51. 3102219 Unexpected character code in Japanese string definition (Milestone 7)
  52. 3101964 Unnecessary XML declaration in HHP and HHC (Milestone 7)
  53. 3095233 Shortdesc metadata missing when using abstract (Milestone 7)
  54. 3097409 PDF should skip empty columns in property tables (Milestone 7)
  55. 3090803 PDF fails when chunk specified and topic appears twice (Milestone 7)
  56. 3102845 Japanese character-set definition (Milestone 7)
  57. 3103488 Update Saxon command line args for IDIOM PDF build.xml (Milestone 7)
  58. 3086552 XMLReader.parse does not correctly receive the XML system ID (Milestone 8)
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DITA OT Release 1.5.1

Release 1.5.1 is a maintenance release based on Committee Draft 01 of the DITA 1.2 standard. This is the same version of the standard used for the DITA 1.2 Public Review. Release 1.5.1 contains many fixes and minor enhancements. It also includes a preview of a new output transform to the Open Document Format; this transform will be completed in a later release.

Release 1.5.1 was developed using a series of test builds released to the community every three weeks. Each item in the list below indicates which test build first contained the update. There were seven total test builds.

[General Enhancements]

  1. Update to latest copy of DITA 1.2 Draft DTDs and Schemas (last update in Milestone 5)

[14 SourceForge Enhancements Added]

  1. 2797337 Support for ODF output transform (first prototype available in Milestone 2, further updates in each milestone)
  2. 2703335 Reduce duplicated code in XHTML <note> processing (Milestone 3)
  3. 2976463 Provide finer grained control of links in PDF (include reltable and in-topic links, without parent/child links) (Milestone 4)
  4. 2971536 New Java options for existing Ant parameters (Milestone 4)
  5. 2979084 Obey the "args.draft" parameter (Milestone 5)
  6. 2990783 allow caller-provided IndexTermCollection (Milestone 6 contains the core code updates; M7 contains the full enhancement)
  7. 3001750 Shortdesc from map should override link description in PDF (Milestone 7)
  8. 3004305 Notes with type="warning" need styling / localization in XHTML (Milestone 7)
  9. 3004859 "eclipsecontent" transform should drop debug info (Milestone 7)
  10. 2892706 Don't delete the FO file (new option to preserve topic.fo) (Milestone 7)
  11. 2928584 Add general model for end-of-topic processing in PDF (Milestone 7)
  12. 3006675 Support new DITA 1.2 <stepsection> element in PDF (Milestone 7)
  13. 3006847 Add generated task headers to PDF (using the option that works for XHTML in DITA-OT 1.5) (Milestone 7)
  14. 2987769 Add support for Eclipse Help index redirects (Milestone 7)

[2 SourceForge Patches Added]

  1. 2914475 Use Xerces Grammar Pool to Improve Performance (Milestone 1)
  2. 2991688 Refine package build Ant (Milestone 6)

[46 SourceForge Bugs Fixed]

  1. 2916469 @locktitle not respected by preprocessor (Milestone 1)
  2. 2917809 need empty lib/saxon directory for minimum and standard pkg. (Milestone 1)
  3. 2925636 Build fails when excluded section contains a table (Milestone 1)
  4. 2926417 Absolute file: URLs are not resolved. (Milestone 1)
  5. 2930109 Move meta module pushes content into peer topic. (Milestone 1)
  6. 1852808 args.css requires dummy file. (Milestone 1)
  7. 2952956 Imagemap processing drops outputclass from image (Milestone 3)
  8. 2953706 Minor improvements to "garage" samples (Milestone 3)
  9. 2961909 /onlytopicinmap does not respect conref (Milestone 3)
  10. 2957456 conkeyref breaks when topic is in subdir (Milestone 3)
  11. 2962813 stepsection throws off numbering in links to steps (Milestone 3)
  12. 2959588 Template Processor Doesn't handle XSLT atts that require ' (Milestone 3)
  13. 2914574 plus-htmlhelp-alias-map: using same extension point twice (Milestone 3)
  14. 2957938 coderef not working everytime (Milestone 3)
  15. 2962781 html documentation out of date (Milestone 3)
  16. 2952956 refactored XSL code in ut-d.xsl (Milestone 3)
  17. 2954819 NullPointer while processing simple BookMap (Milestone 3)
  18. 2954154 Updated default version from 1.0 to 1.0.0 (Milestone 3)
  19. 2970471 XSLFO test for @compact wrong (Milestone 4 for PDF, Milestone 5 for LegacyPDF)
  20. 2972043 Setting onlytopicinmap causes a blank imagelist (Milestone 4)
  21. 2974667 Integrator adds spaces into XML Catalog entries (Milestone 4)
  22. 2986492 Duplicate parameter in XHTML code (Milestone 5)
  23. 2982485 Cannot read a document that was written during the same transform (Milestone 5)
  24. 2981216 <tm> @tmclass requires IBM-specific values (Milestone 5)
  25. 2979361 Java stack traces in OT log (Milestone 5)
  26. 2979328 Output parameters info at INFO level (Milestone 5)
  27. 2978858 keyref processing doesn't respect basedir (Milestone 5)
  28. 2990162 Conref to elements in same DITA file throw parsing errors (Milestone 6)
  29. 3000677 msgph and systemoutput should use <samp> instead of <tt> (Milestone 7)
  30. 3004220 <tm> elements dropped when keyref text resolved (Milestone 7)
  31. 2987322 Navtitle attribute of glossarylist breaks PDF (Milestone 7)
  32. 2916474 Inappropriate match on mapgroup/topichead in PDF code (Milestone 7)
  33. 2916408 Topichead with <navtitle> not processed same as @navtitle in PDF (Milestone 7)
  34. 3006443 CSS for prereq links indents prereq element (Milestone 7)
  35. 2607892 (Plus Plug-in) plus-allhtml-encoding: map x-windows-950 to Big5 (Milestone 7)
  36. 2385466 Handle @font-family="inherit" (Milestone 7)
  37. 2928540 Shortdesc should align with body in PDF (use topic__shortdesc) (Milestone 7)
  38. 1839827 PDF does not properly process <xref> to <li> elements (Milestone 7)
  39. 2521819 PDF topic title widowed due to fo:marker placed in separate block (Milestone 7)
  40. 1385654 docbook/topic2db.xsl - better linking support (Milestone 7)
  41. 3004550 Conkeyref does not work if key referenced is not in same folder (Milestone 7)
  42. 3004060 keyref/id not producing link in PDF output (Milestone 7)
  43. 3001705 conkeyref doesn't work across ditamaps (Milestone 7)
  44. 3000604 Legacy PDF: empty @column-number causes errors (Milestone 7)
  45. 3013079 Keyref handling does not respect scope="external" (Final build)
  46. 3005748 XHTML: Topics w/ @print set to "printonly" are included (Final build)
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DITA OT release 1.5

Release 1.5 is a major release based on the new DITA 1.2 draft standard. It contains full support for DITA 1.2 draft as defined in the fall of 2009 (prior to public review).

In addition to DITA 1.2 support, release 1.5 contains the following updates, which are available in Milestone 21 or earlier of the DITA-OT test builds:

[General Enhancements]

  1. New parameter to generate output for only the topics referenced in a map
  2. Use fileparameter in Ant 1.7 to replace processing instruction in intermediate dita files
  3. Determine the version of DITA-OT via the class org.dita.dost.util.Version
  4. Remove duplicate ids in PDF topicmerge
  5. Move Notices before the TOC, suppress in the TOC and suppress the second copy after the TOC
  6. Include @scope="peer" condition when creating rel-links.

[SourceForge Enhancements Added]

  1. 2859612 Add support for Serbian (Latin)
  2. 2845278 Add Ant parameters for XSLT parameters
  3. 2824371 Support Hindi and Urdu for XHTML output
  4. 2790755 Process in unique temp directories (Designed to allow multiple builds to take place at once)
  5. 2780998 startcmd.sh: Run the user's shell, not sh
  6. 2698921 Add a way to set attributes on <body>
  7. 2120219 Add PDF to the supported image
  8. 2002857 homeID in javahelp .hs file is not set
  9. 1725284 add support for headings for sections within task (XHTML only)
  10. 1623246 Support RFC4646 language tags in Index modules
  11. 1367897 Xref content generation enforces formatting choices
  12. 2882109 Convert named PDF templates to mode template
  13. 2883406 Add extension point for modifying PDF link text
  14. 2882870 Add parameter to control PDF Chapter style
  15. 2882103 Provide hook for specializations to add custom headers
  16. 2882072 Add parameter to control PDF bookmarks (default collapsed)

[93 SourceForge Bugs Fixed]

  1. 2860433 Keyref on <image> fails to resolve
  2. 2860199 Chunk to-content in submap resulting in missing output
  3. 2860168 Suppress data and data-about in PDF output
  4. 2857167 conrefImpl.xsl has duplicate variable decls
  5. 2856742 Problem of keys attribute in nested topicref elements
  6. 2854546 Peer xref leads to invalid destination error in PDF
  7. 2849200 Style on ditaval prop or revprop is ignored
  8. 2846111 Unnecessary text generated for external xref
  9. 2845598 1.5-M18-demo/fo/Customization pdf.formatter
  10. 2842753 catalog-dita.xml has invalid entries
  11. 2839035 Chunk code cannot parse xref with &
  12. 2832696 Move meta module pushes content into non-DITA file
  13. 2829350 Build_demo.xml places files in incorrect directory
  14. 2826143 Move meta module discards link text
  15. 2824907 1.5 M17 Bug - FileNotFoundException export.xml eclipsehelp
  16. 2819853 missing nested indexterm after 3rd
  17. 2815492 PDF: keep-with-next on shortdesc
  18. 2815485 Prolog indexterm not processed properly for PDF
  19. 2813082 Eclipse help MANIFEST.MF filename wrong case, needs CRLF
  20. 2811980 pdf2: japanese translate for generated page number of a ref
  21. 2811358 Incorrect entry@colname in middle file at PDF generation
  22. 2804442 Bad param name in prereq-fmt template's call to sect-heading
  23. 2799543 Child links in HTML Help output are wrong
  24. 2797030 Chunking fails with bookmap
  25. 2796614 Leading slash breaks PLUGINS_ROOT usage for Eclipse help
  26. 2791696 reltable DITA 1.2 (#12048)
  27. 2791345 Topicmeta searchtitles in map not used in topic
  28. 2791278 Keyref Resolution Fails for Non-Descendant Topics
  29. 2790807 Demo code should use new PDF output
  30. 2788069 Topicmerge does not handle copy-to properly
  31. 2788069 Topicmerge does not handle copy-to properly
  32. 2782503 Extra space before bullet list in xhtml output DITA-OT 1.4.3
  33. 2774128 startcmd.sh is encoded with DOS line endings in v1.5 M13
  34. 2759964 HTML outputs filters conditional topics poorly
  35. 2759964 HTML outputs filters conditional topics poorly
  36. 2748371 Revision + ID gives XSL error
  37. 2739236 plus-allhtml-svgobject handles <alt> badly
  38. 2724090 XHTML: conreffed by-reference footnotes break w/ chunking
  39. 2723928 gen-toc template not matching properly
  40. 2723715 Itemgroup sets @id when element is not open
  41. 2712074 XHTML: chunk=to-content on map breaks by-reference footnotes
  42. 2706725 Single quote inserted in empty table cells in FO
  43. 2696229 FO plugin code incompatible with Saxon 9 (OT1.4.3 default)
  44. 2696191 Java libraries missing from 1.4.3 distributions
  45. 2647292 HTML stylesheets should style <wintitle> and <filepath>
  46. 2629271 maplink: should not modify href if scope=external
  47. 2629256 mapref: should not modify href if scope=external
  48. 2573681 Move link module does extra processing
  49. 2547437 zh_TW.properties and zh_CN.properties contents are mixed up
  50. 2418932 toc attribute does not work for references to ditamaps
  51. 2317681 Extra files generated when many topics are chunked to one
  52. 2317581 inline formatting in shortdesc
  53. 1931457 Need to identify transtype during XHTML output step
  54. 1629094 docbook creates empty simplelists
  55. 1628936 transtype=docbook does not handle publisher and copyright element
  56. 2849078 Problems using keyrefs with DITA OT 1.5 M19 - ID: 2849078
  57. 2875373 tm in linktext is dropped
  58. 2870935 keyref within topics ignore @copy-to attributes
  59. 2873560 SWF flash not defined as resources to be copied
  60. 2872954 Conref push not working at map level
  61. 2871009 Temp directory leaves behind single directory and file
  62. 2866322 Generated links have bad URLs
  63. 2873654 PDF missing rules for new DITA 1.2 content elements
  64. 2872988 Bad relcolwidth crashes PDF output
  65. 2866204 Topicref with keyref fails to produce output
  66. 2878446 Issue with ampersand in xrefs in attributes
  67. 1629096 docbook creates invalid varlistentry
  68. 2871326 Cannot use different TOC titles for same topic in PDF
  69. 1880097 PDF2 ingnores contents of <xref> elements
  70. 1815571 Invalid property in fo:table-body
  71. 2879171 Shortdesc & Abstract formatting is incorrect for PDF
  72. 2882085 Obsolete code in PDF plug-in should be removed
  73. 2661418 make the TOC in pdf2 output link to topics in pdf
  74. 2871017 eclipsehelp plugin.xml invalid in 1.5M20
  75. 2887331 chunk="to-content" on a sub-map causes path error
  76. 2891736 indexterm in topicref level are copied into topic/prolog
  77. 2893316 This is a bug in the integrator.xml
  78. 2893493 ${clean.temp} is not set to true per documentation
  79. 2893664 ampersand entity with conref actions causes build to fail
  80. 2893924 htmlhelp transtype requires video plugin
  81. 1628937 Rename supportingboth.ditaand.xmlinaditamap.dita
  82. 1771123 Inappropriate Message 018 On type= value
  83. 1819660 Eclipse Help issue producing toc file.
  84. 1848313 ditaval file sent to XSLT not URL
  85. 1897542 Chunk to-content may need to rewrite topic IDs
  86. 2875946 PDF: table @pgwide semantics not implemented
  87. 2893745 missing fop's file/directory in standard package
  88. 2900047 map2htmtoc.xsl doesn't allow for extension of root template
  89. 2900417 html transform does not use image/@scale properly
  90. 2906957 Update Eclipse plugin DTDs and packaging
  91. 2796964 Use xml:lang for generated text in PDF
  92. 2860596 PullPrologIndexTerms selection too wide, Removed spurious pullPrologIndexTerms in section/title
  93. 1852733 Image "scale" attribute is ignored

[4 SourceForge Patches Added]

  1. 2790337 Add extension points to related-links code
  2. 2778178 Flagging code duplicates XSL
  3. 2715750 plus-transtype-htmlhelp: support alternate compilers
  4. 2804311 Feature value trim test bug
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DITA OT release 1.4.3

Release 1.4.3 is a maintenance release and is intended to be the last released based fully on DITA 1.1. It contains a significant amount of preview function for the upcoming DITA 1.2 standard, but the DITA 1.2 document types must be specifically referenced in order to use this capability.

The 1.4.3 release contains the following major updates:

  1. The PDF codebase switched from the older deprecated code to the plugin previously known as PDF2. Running a build with the transform type PDF or PDF2 will now run the new code. To continue using the older code, set your transform type to "legacypdf".
  2. The PDF plugin now runs with FOP, as well as with the latest version of Saxon.
  3. The Full Easy Install package now ships with Saxon 9B instead of with Xalan, and code in the DITA-OT package has been updated to work with Saxon 9B.
  4. The Full Easy Install package updates the versions of many open source libraries (including Ant and FOP)
  5. RFE 1982567 Allow spaces in DITA file names
  6. Preview function for the majority of the upcoming OASIS DITA 1.2 standard, including everything from milestone builds one through twelve of DITA-OT 1.5

[10 SF Enhancements Added]

  1. 1982567 Allow spaces in DITA file names
  2. 2631145 dita2htmlImpl.xsl should not define doctype
  3. 2562718 Rename the ant directory to avoid naming collisions with ant
  4. 2314086 Let maplink generate <linklist> elements
  5. 2258659 Extend integrator to allow addition of messages.
  6. 2117337 Customize Integrator to integrate custom directories
  7. 2074933 Make index output for new transtypes more extensible
  8. 1995667 Add plugin extension points to preprocess pipeline
  9. 1972537 Let users specify reloadstylesheet on xslt tasks
  10. 1803199 Allow ability to include class ancestry in XHTML class attribute

[4 SourceForge Patches Added]

  1. 1996733 Structure Ant <pipeline> better
  2. 1796007 Refactor of related links HTML for specialized processing
  3. 1947566 pdf2: allow XEP to be installed elsewhere
  4. 2477370 Refactor of conrefImpl.xsl

[31 SF Bugs Fixed]

  1. 2008294 End flag does not work in ditaval
  2. 2078563 Keyref not working for external links
  3. 2027170 maprefImpl.xsl removes part of class attr from topichead
  4. 2027058 Topichead element stops map processing in ChunkMapReader
  5. 2001268 DITA-OT documentation wants JDK 1.4
  6. 2008317 Chunking one topic from a large file hogs memory
  7. 2219479 <prodinfo> subelement associations are lost in HTML output
  8. 2340727 No link in TOC to topics in ditabase
  9. 2317627 Chunking map to create one file should use map file name
  10. 2143078 Relcolwidth not respected in choicetable
  11. 1995223 bookmap: bookmeta->bookrights information is not generated
  12. 1990167 reltable doesn't generate external links correctly
  13. 1953553 FO 1.4.2 plugin: Inconsistent display of "on page" in xref
  14. 1951879 Link generation is disabled for bookmaps
  15. 1997171 topic body suppressed in chapter topics
  16. 2417980 Toolkit should support both versions of Serbian lang code
  17. 1947817 Extra topics appear in PDF output when using reltables
  18. 2004588 Image alt text needs space normalized
  19. 1954463 Conditional processing multiple PDFs in the same JVM
  20. 2061301 Useless import of xslt4j stops dost.jar being built
  21. 2317659 Chunking "by-topic" does not work
  22. 1955211 Footnotes-by-reference rendered naively
  23. 2010062 Spaces dropped in indexterm that has keyword
  24. 2607496 USEINDEX=no breaks HTML Help HHP
  25. 2570118 <xref> without href drops content
  26. 2414891 Map contains wrong reference after chunking
  27. 2010092 example or section title can be orphaned in PDF2
  28. 1999117 Ubuntu 8.04 | startcmd.sh doesn't work
  29. 2020317 Many duplicated id in xxx_MERGED.xml in PDF2 output.
  30. 2614006 Conref processing ignores -dita-use-conref-target
  31. 1727863 <groupchoice> has an extra "|" character
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DITA OT release

Release is a full build to provide an urgent fix to fix the following critical problem which users found in release 1.4.2.

  1. SF Bug 1956231 OSGI Manifest for eclipsehelp transtype contains spaces.

For this fix, we have updated xsl/map2pluginImpl.xsl to prevent generating extra spaces at the head of every line in OSGI manifest file of eclipse help output.

DITA OT release 1.4.2

Release 1.4.2 is a maintenance release to fix defects and make patches based on release 1.4.1

Release 1.4.2 comes in three versions:

  1. Minimal package contains only the core processing code.
  2. Standard package contains the core processing code, plus demos, documentation, and samples.
  3. Full "easy install" package contains the standard package plus external libraries useful for many toolkit processes (such as Xalan and ANT), plus a batch file to setup a local environment.

[39 SF Bugs Fixed]

  1. 1945824 Index-see works for "ru-ru" but not for "ru"
  2. 1944245 Null pointer error with complex filename
  3. 1923519 Conrefs in nested, conreffed topics don't work
  4. 1911285 files.txt is not up-to-date
  5. 1906954 Constants.ANT_INVOKER_EXT_PARAM_OUTPUTDIR resulted in null ...
  6. 1903830 Error when collection-type=sequence in map
  7. 1903626 Topicref to Glossentry With Topicmeta Throws Null Pointer
  8. 1900907 Documentation of generateouter command-line param is incorrect
  9. 1900427 TIFF file format not a supported type
  10. 1898810 Problem running ant with DITA-OT in path with Latin char
  11. 1897358 Compiling CHM's in sequence results in errant index entries
  12. 1894561 wordrtf not correctly handling p inside li
  13. 1893234 Java TopicMerge removes processing instruction
  14. 1868423 Null pointer exception when a PI is at the end of the file
  15. 1857405 chunk processing fails when no section element
  16. 1855047 startup.sh fails under OS X
  17. 1849346 FO file generated from DITA MAP not valid
  18. 1843652 Image referenced in map is not found, topicmerge breaks
  19. 1843583 Extra bullet in TOC for topicref with no href or navtitle
  20. 1839765 index-sort-as not used, content appears in index
  21. 1908306 Index entry for external resource is ignored
  22. 1908293 HTML Help index contains extra anchor
  23. 1900916 Pointer to CSS is Incorrect in index.html
  24. 1898451 HTML titles should be space-normalized for CHM consumption
  25. 1898228 Table desc not being processed
  26. 1897551 maplink is unawareof chunk to-content
  27. 1893461 map file href handling
  28. 1889918 Index link goes with wrong entry
  29. 1883907 IndexTermReader class doesn't handle specialized titles
  30. 1873401 XHTML: colsep in last column when @frame=none
  31. 1872434 _merge.xml missing metadata
  32. 1868047 htmlhelp path in demo ant script is fixed
  33. 1864247 PIs missing from ditamaps in temp dir
  34. 1857282 path to css output is not correct
  35. 1848355 gen-list wants class on <foreign> descendants
  36. 1843693 Bad XREF syntax gives confusing message about unique_193
  37. 1841175 Need to clean up doc/ directory (remove invalid items)
  38. 1832800 Empty end-range indexterm causes eclipse error
  39. 1606387 Shortdesc & Abstract formatting is incorrect for XHTML

[3 SF Patches Added]

  1. 1930220 Simplify flag templates
  2. 1876118 Add plug-in support for string resource-files
  3. 1818318 Path to HTML Help compiler on x64 Windows

[6 SF Enhancements Added]

  1. 1855523 Pass dost.class.path to XSLT tasks
  2. 1827322 Let plugins add their own template files
  3. 1825843 Let plugins add dependencies to Ant targets
  4. 1824466 Subclass ImportAction
  5. 1782256 Let plugins not have to choose to go in "demo" or "plugins"
  6. 1859421 Add plug-in support for string resource-files
Note: SourceForge bugs, patches, and RFEs listed above can be found in SourceForge Bugs, Patches, and RFE tracker pages:
  • Bugs tracker:
  • Patches tracker:
  • RFE tracker:

DITA OT release 1.4.1

Release 1.4.1 is a maintenance release to fix defects and make patches based on release 1.4.

[23 SF Bugs Fixed]

  1. 1833801 Infinite loop in MapMetaReader
  2. 1833796 move-meta-entries creates invalid XML
  3. 1827055 Dita 1.4 move metadata method failing
  4. 1819663 XHTML processing add &nbsp; in output files.
  5. 1815155 Using xref moves output directory
  6. 1807808 Java TopicMerge calling XSLT transformer with URL not file
  7. 1806728 Merge doesn't normalize filenames
  8. 1806130 chunk module wraps long lines
  9. 1806081 <dita> without class attribute triggers warning
  10. 1803190 XHTML: processing <xref> to <a title="">
  11. 1803183 XHTML: <b> and <xref> within <pre>
  12. 1796207 topicmeta in ditamap causes build failure
  13. 1782109 Title input to Help Compiler invalid for taskbook example
  14. 1779066 [DOTX031E] Errors
  15. 1770571 Chunk "to-content" on map not implemented
  16. 1732678 Map without DOCTYPE declaration produces odd error
  17. 1675195 No Error Location for Titleless Topic
  18. 1639672 The Toolkit does not properly support valid xml:lang values.
  19. 1639344 Xref : topicpull : the spectitle not used as linktext
  20. 1628937 Rename supportingboth.ditaand.xmlinaditamap.dita
  21. 1584187 Bookmap 1.1: <title> element breaks topicmerge
  22. 1563093 Difficult to find location of error
  23. 1505172 foimgext Considered Harmful

[5 SF Patches Added]

  1. 1741302 Prevent indexterm crash with two-letter language codes
  2. 1630214 HTML Help HHP generator: Language tag
  3. 1498936 Failure when moving links with embedded mathml
  4. 1481586 CSS for ditamap-to-HTML TOC
  5. 1457541 xref to elements fails within topics in PDF

[5 SF RFE Added]

  1. 1764910 Allow greater control over the output directory
  2. 1764905 Allow option to build only topics listed in the map
  3. 1725280 Improve error reporting in general
  4. 1686939 Make dita.list into an XML file
  5. 1676947 Integration points for passing params to XSL
Note: SourceForge bugs, patches, and RFEs listed above can be found in SourceForge Bugs, Patches, and RFE tracker pages:
  • Bugs tracker:
  • Patches tracker:
  • RFE tracker:

DITA OT release 1.4

Release 1.4 is a major release to add new functions, fulfill new requirements, make some function enhancements and fix bugs over release 1.3.1. Available since August 1, 2007

The DITA-OT Release 1.4 contains full support for the OASIS DITA 1.1 standard. This completes the preliminary support added in the 1.3 and 1.3.1 versions of the toolkit. New and improved items for 1.1 are listed under [Improvements] below. Support for the new bookmap standard is available in the latest version of the FO plug-in, which uses the "pdf2" transform type; it will be released together with or soon after the release of DITA-OT 1.4. The deprecated "pdf" transform type has not been updated for the new bookmap. Together with DITA 1.1 support, the toolkit development team has improved error reporting so that build failures are more accurately reported at the end of the build. Error handling will continue to improve in future releases. Release 1.4 comes in two versions. The full version contains several external packages that are useful or critical to running the toolkit, such as Xalan and the XML Catalog resolver. The smaller package contains only core toolkit code. NOTE ABOUT DEPRECATED CODE: changes for the new DITAVAL standard required a change to code in dita2htmlImpl.xsl. The "flagit" named template is deprecated and will not work with the new ditaval format. Overrides to this step should be updated to use "start-flagit" and "end-flagit". The flagit template will continue to work with the old ditaval but will generate a warning for each call.

  1. Release 1.4 improves the processing of DITA documents using XML Schemas. One was able to process these type of documents in Release 1.3.1 but it meant that the schema location had to have the ablsolute location of the schema in order for the Toolkit properly.

    DITA 1.1 introduces the use of URNs to normatively identify the schemas used for validation. The URNs have the following desing pattern "urn:oasis:names:tc:dita:xsd:<schemaDocument>:1.1". You should use these in as the value for the attribute xsi:noNamespaceSchemaLocation.

[13 Improvements]

  1. Support <title> in map
  2. Ignore Index-base in default processing
  3. Retrieve the link text from abstract element.
  4. Format shortdesc in abstract appropriately
  5. Add standard code to allow overrides to easily process generalized version of unknown and foreign element
  6. Support @dir on every element
  7. Refactor mapref resolution
  8. Support generalization and re-specialization of unknown/foreign elements
  9. Replace Move Index module with new Move Metadata module
  10. New DITAVAL standard support
  11. New chunk attribute support
  12. Support XML Schema validated instance document processing using XML Catalogs

[17 SF Bugs Fixed]

  1. 1700561 Null Pointer Exception on Missing domain= Attribute
  2. 1733264 pretty.xsl is broken
  3. 1619074 table in step screws up following steps for HTML generation
  4. 1728700 GenMapAndTopicList keeps filtering when called a second time
  5. 1732562 DitaWriter.java can duplicate @xtrf and @xtrc
  6. 1733108 Update Bookmap sample files to DITA 1.1
  7. 1706263 Conrefing from a map to topic is not working properly
  8. 1677620 Non-DITA file is treated as DITA in pre-process
  9. 1717471 Links show up more than once
  10. 1712543 gen-list-without-flagging : NullPointerException
  11. 1652892 Invalid hdr/ftr arg value causes build failure
  12. 1647950 PIs in DITA source are dropped in the processing pipeline
  13. 1644559 Force Toolkit to use private catalog to allow schemas to work properly
  14. 1642138 Move javamerge target out of build_template.xml
  15. 1643155 Map TOC is HTML even for transtype="xhtml"
  16. 1637564 topicpull breaks specializations of xref
  17. 1676968 Plugins adding to classpath break when basedir != dita.dir
Note: SourceForge bugs, patches, and RFEs listed above can be found in SourceForge Bugs, Patches, and RFE tracker pages:
  • Bugs tracker:
  • Patches tracker:
  • RFE tracker:

DITA OT release 1.3.1

Release 1.3.1 is a maintenance release to fix defects and make patches based on release 1.3.

[15 SF Bugs Fixed]

  1. SF Bug 1385642 docbook/topic2db.xsl - shortdesc
  2. SF Bug 1528638 wordrtf does not correctly number steps
  3. SF Bug 1562518 Flag is confusing when a list is mixed with text
  4. SF Bug 1563665 Should use CSS to honor rowsep and colsep in table entries
  5. SF Bug 1567117 Xref to footnote is not resolved correctly
  6. SF Bug 1569671 <reltable> in nested map creates bogus TOC entries
  7. SF Bug 1573996 Plugins do not work in plugins directory
  8. SF Bug 1574011 Spaces in a file name prevent XHTML output
  9. SF Bug 1584186 Bookmap 1.1: <title> element duplicated in mappull
  10. SF Bug 1588039 Conref domain checking is sub-par
  11. SF Bug 1588624 OT v1.3 map2hhc.xsl error
  12. SF Bug 1597444 Java topicmerge breaks when text contains less-than
  13. SF Bug 1597473 Nothing references common.css
  14. SF Bug 1598109 Java topicmerge does not rewrite image/@href
  15. SF Bug 1598230 jhindexer of JavaHelp breaks Search Index for DITAOT content
Note: SourceForge bugs, patches, and RFEs listed above can be found in SourceForge Bugs, Patches, and RFE tracker pages:
  • Bugs tracker:
  • Patches tracker:
  • RFE tracker:

DITA OT release 1.3

OASIS DITA 1.1 support

Things to know about OASIS DITA 1.1 support in this release:

  1. DITA-OT 1.3 provides preliminary processing support for the upcoming OASIS DITA 1.1 specification (see http://wiki.oasis-open.org/dita/Roadmap_for_DITA_development). Because the proposed OASIS DITA 1.1 DTDs and Schemas are fully backwards compatible with the latest DITA 1.0.1 DTDs and Schemas, the 1.3 Toolkit provides the proposed 1.1 materials as the default DTDs for processing. The XML Catalog resolution maps any references for DITA 1.0 doctypes to the 1.1 DTDs, for example. All processing ordinarily dependent on the 1.0 definition continues to work as usual, and any documents that make use of the newer 1.1-based elements or attributes will be supported with specific new processing function (such as base support for the new <data> element). Documents created with the proposed OASIS DITA 1.1 DTDs are the only ones ever likely to have features that invoke the specific new 1.1-based processing support.
    Important: Because this support is based on a yet-to-be-approved version of the proposed OASIS DITA 1.1 specification, if you choose to investigate any1.1-based function, be aware that the 1.1 implementation in this version of the Toolkit is preliminary and very much forward-looking. Upon final approval of the DITA 1.1 standard, Toolkit developers will, of course, review our implementation to make certain that it conforms to the defined level of reference implementation.
  2. Related to the DITA 1.1 preliminary implementation, the much-discussed bookmap updates for DITA 1.1 will be provided as override capabilities for the FO plugin (Idiom's donation). Note that:
    • The FO demo transform code at the 1.2.2 level is still included in the DITA 1.3 package, but is now deprecated.
    • To get the FO updates for 1.3, grab the FO plug-in at its next update, which should be shortly after the 1.3 core Toolkit code is released.
    • The updated FO plug-in will be usable with FOP as well as with XEP.


The DITA Open Toolkit team understands the need for stability in essential APIs in the Toolit. This verson of the toolkit provides some strategic updates that correct some long-overdue faults in the original implementation. Necessarily, there are some changes to note:

  1. Change to build.xml: To make the DITA processing environment more like other Ant-driven build environments, the original build.xml has been renamed as build_demo.xml. The current build.xml in this release is now the normal ANT script entrance for starting a transformation. If you have created Ant tasks that tried to work around the former build.xml architecture, those might need to be revised to take advantage of the separated function.
  2. Change to command line invocations: The "Ant refactoring" exercise for this release has changed some previously documented Ant calls for running demos. This change enables better use of the Ant modules for power users who need to integrate the Toolkit into programming build environments such as Eclipse, but the change affects some documentation. This is a permanent change that should remain stable from now on. Wherever you see an older instruction like "c:\dita-ot>ant all", you now need to indicate the component that contains the demos, so you would type "c:\dita-ot>ant all -f build_demo.xml".
  3. Separation of demo targets from formal component targets: Another effect of the Ant refactoring is that the internal programming targets will now be displayed when you type "ant -p". To see both those programmings targets and the demos that are part of this component, type "c:\dita-ot>ant -p -f build_demo.xml". To run just one of the demos that you see in the resulting list, dita.faq for example, type "c:\dita-ot>ant dita.faq -f build_demo.xml".
  4. Classpath update to enable catalog resolver: This release now includes the Apache catalog resolver for improved lookup of DTDs by any of the Toolkit components. The fullpackage version of the Toolkit sets up these variables for each session. For the regular (smaller) version of the Toolkit, you need to include lib and lib\resource\resolver.jar into your classpath. For example if your CLASSPATH is like:

    you need to change it to:


    At any time, the full version can be used like a normal installation as long as you update the system variables either in the evironment settings or in a batch file that sets up the shell environment.

  5. License bundling: To reduce the duplication of builds on Sourceforge in which the only difference was the license provided in each, both the Apache and CPL licenses are included in root directory of the Toolkit. Use the one that applies to your situation.
  6. Two install options: Two download versions are now offered. The smaller one is for updating existing installations or for reuse in embedded applications that already provide the other processing components--business as usual. A new package with "fullpackage" in the name now incorporates the essential processing modules to create a processing environment for new users and evaluators that requires nothing more than to unzip the file into an appropriate directory and then click on a "start" batch file. A new document in its root directory (an output of doc/EvaluateOT.dita, "Evaluating the DITA Open Toolkit (fullpackage version)") informs new users how to install and use the Toolkit for the first time.
  7. Other enhancements: The public design discussions that fed into the final selection and architectures for this release are documented at the DITA Focus Area in a topic called "DITA OT 1.3 Issues tracking" (http://dita.xml.org/node/1282).

[7 Improvements]

  1. Preliminary support for OASIS DITA 1.1
  2. Support ICU in index sorting
  3. Integrate with Eclipse
  4. Refactor Ant script for easy override
  5. Topicmerge reimplementation in JAVA
  6. Enable XML Catalog Resolver
  7. Full package distribution (was GUI/usability)

[21 SF Bugs Fixed]

  1. SF Bug 1582506 Docbook cannot handle <author>
  2. SF Bug 1548189 Sections should not jump to <h4> for Accessibility reasons
  3. SF Bug 1548180 Spaces dropped from index terms
  4. SF Bug 1548154 XHTML index links should go to the topic
  5. SF Bug 1545038 CommandLineInvoker is unfriendly towards spaces
  6. SF Bug 1541055 topicref @id incorrectly uses NMTOKEN type
  7. SF Bug 1530443 dost.jar relies on the incorrect behavior of Xerces
  8. SF Bug 1473029 Syntax code makes overrides difficult
  9. SF Bug 1470101 Metadata in topics is left out of XHTML headers
  10. SF Bug 1470077 Choicetable headers create attribute inside attribute
  11. SF Bug 1470057 Step template creates attributes after creating tags
  12. SF Bug 1465947 <topichead> without children the whole branch to disappear
  13. SF Bug 1465941 Keywords defined in map are ignored if <topicref> contains t
  14. SF Bug 1465866 Problems in catalog-dita.txt
  15. SF Bug 1460447 <morerows> not well supported in pdf tranformation.
  16. SF Bug 1457187 'copy-to' doesn't actually copy files
  17. SF Bug 1454835 OT renders files referenced via conref only
  18. SF Bug 1427808 Should be easier to modify link attributes in XHTML
  19. SF Bug 1422182 @colname renaming needs to apply to @namest and @nameend
  20. SF Bug 1417820 fo and docbook outputs can\'t handle deep topic dirs
  21. SF Bug 1368997 PDF Vertical list of author redundancy

[1 SF Patch Added]

  1. SF Patch 1503296 Refactor of HTMLHelp inifiles creation

[1 SF RFE Added]

  1. SF RFE 1160960 Enh: Toolkit should work with both both *.dita and *.xml
Note: SourceForge bugs, patches, and RFEs listed above can be found in SourceForge Bugs, Patches, and RFE tracker pages:
  • Bugs tracker:
  • Patches tracker:
  • RFE tracker:

DITA OT release 1.2.2

Release 1.2.2 is a maintenance release to fix defects and make patches based on release 1.2.1.

  1. Chinese support in WORD RTF
  2. Improve plug-in architecture in plug-in dependency handling
SF Changes
  1. SF Bug 1461642 Relative paths in toolkit.
  2. SF Bug 1463756 TROFF output is not usable
  3. SF Bug 1459527 Properties elements should generate default headings
  4. SF Bug 1457552 FO gen-toc does not work right for ditamaps and bookmaps
  5. SF Bug 1430983 Specialized indexterm does not generate entries in index
  6. SF Bug 1363055 Shortdesc disappears when optional body is removed
  7. SF Bug 1368403 The dita2docbook transformation lacks support for args.xsl
  8. SF Bug 1405184 Note template for XHTML should be easier to override
  9. SF Bug 1407646 Map titles are not used in print outputs
  10. SF Bug 1409960 No page numbers in PDF toc
  11. SF Bug 1459790 Related Links omitted when map references file#topicid
  12. SF Bug 1428015 Topicmerge.xsl should leave indentation alone
  13. SF Bug 1429400 FO output should allow more external links
  14. SF Bug 1405169 Space inside XHTML note title affects CSS presentation
  15. SF Bug 1402377 Updated translations for Icelandic
  16. SF Bug 1366845 XRefs do not generate page numbers
  17. SF Patch 1326450 Make ${basedir} mine
  18. SF Patch 1328264 FOP task userconfig file
  19. SF Patch 1385636 Tweaks to docbook/topic2db.xsl
  20. SF Patch 1435584 Recognize more image extensions
  21. SF Patch 1444900 Add template for getting input file URI
  22. SF Patch 1460419 Add a new parameter /cssroot:{args.cssroot}
  23. SF Patch 1460441 map2hhp [FILES] include
  24. SF RFE 1400140 Add a new parameter /cssroot:{args.cssroot}

DITA OT release 1.2.1

Release 1.2.1 is a maintenance release to fix defects and make patches based on release 1.2.

  1. Corrupt table generated in WORD RTF is fixed
  2. Pictures are merged into the WORD RTF instead of creating links to them
  3. lq element is supported in WORD RTF
  4. Generated text can be translated to different languages in WORD RTF
  5. In WORD RTF, if no <choptionhd> given, head will be generated in table
SF Changes
  1. SF Bug 1460451 Spaces preserving methods are different among tags.
  2. SF Bug 1460449 Nested list can not be well supported.
  3. SF Bug 1460445 h2d stylesheet cannot handle HTML files within namespace.
  4. SF Bug 1431229 hardcoded path in MessageUtils.java
  5. SF Bug 1408477 <desc> element is not handled inside xref for XHTML
  6. SF Bug 1398867 ampersands in hrefs (on xref and link) cause build to fail
  7. SF Bug 1326439 filtered-out indexterms leak into index through dita.list
  8. SF Bug 1408487 Short description is not retrieved for <xref> element
  9. SF Bug 1407454 XHTML processing for <alt> is incomplete
  10. SF Bug 1405221 Some table frames ignored in dita->xhtml
  11. SF Bug 1414398 Cannot set provider for Eclipse help transformation
  12. SF RFE 1448712 add support for /plugins directory in plug-in architecture

DITA OT release 1.2

DITA open toolkit Release 1.2 is a major release to add new functions, fulfill new requirements, make some function enhancements and fix bugs over release

Important Change DITA-OT 1.2 offers new error handling and logging system. If you invoke your transformation by using java command line where new error handling and logging system is mandatory, you need to set the CLASSPATH Environment Variable for dost.jar. If you invoke your transformation by using an ant script, you need to do one more step after the setting above. That is adding a parameter in your command to invoke an ant script. For example, use ant -f ant\sample_xhtml.xml -logger org.dita.dost.log.DITAOTBuildLogger instead of ant -f ant\sample_xhtml.xml to start a transformation defined in ant script file ant\sample_xhtml.xml.

New Functions
  1. New plugin archiecture

    DITA Open Toolkit 1.2 provides a new function to help users to download, install and use plug-ins and help developers create new plug-ins for DITA Open Toolkit.

  2. Transformation to wordrtf

    DITA Open Toolkit 1.2 provides DITA to Word transforming function to transform DITA source files to output in Microsoft® Word RTF file.

  3. HTML to DITA migration tool

    DITA Open Toolkit 1.2 provides a HTML to DITA migration tool, which migrates HTML files to DITA files. This migration tool originally comes from the developerWorks publication of Robert D. Anderson's how-to articles with the original h2d code.

  4. Problem determination and log analysis

    In DITA Open Toolkit 1.2, a new logging method is supported to log messages both on the screen and into the log file. The messages on the screen present user with the status information, warning, error, and fatal error messages. The messages in the log file present user with more detailed information about the transformation process. By analyzing these messages, user can know what cause the problem and how to solve it.

  5. Open DITA User Guide for conditional processing

    In DITA Open Toolkit 1.2, a new user guide which can help users to use conditional processing is added to toolkit document.

  6. Include the OASIS version langref

    In DITA Open Toolkit 1.2, a new OASIS version of language reference for DITA standard is added to toolkit document.

  7. Document adapt to OASIS DITA 1.0.1 DTDs

    DITA DTD files are updated to 1.0.1 version in DITA Open Toolkit 1.2.

Other Changes
  1. SF Bug 1304545 Some folders were copied to DITA-OT's root directory
  2. SF Bug 1328689 Stylesheet links in HTML emitted with local filesystem paths
  3. SF Bug 1333481 Mapref function does not work for maps in another directory
  4. SF Bug 1343963 Blank index.html generated for ditamap contains only reltabe
  5. SF Bug 1344486 java.io.EOFException thrown out when reading ditaval file
  6. SF Bug 1347669 Path Spec. in nested DITA maps
  7. SF Bug 1357139 filtering behavior doesn't conform to spec
  8. SF Bug 1358619 The property.temp file gets cleaned out by default
  9. SF Bug 1366843 XRefs do not generate proper links in FO/PDF
  10. SF Bug 1367636 dita2fo-elems.xsl has strange line breaks
  11. SF RFE 1296133 Enable related-links in PDF output
  12. SF RFE 1326377 Add a /dbg or /debug flag for diagnostic info
  13. SF RFE 1331727 Toolkit need to run on JDK 1.5.x(only support to run under Sun JDK 1.5 with saxon in normal case)
  14. SF RFE 1357054 Be more friendly towards relative directories
  15. SF RFE 1357906 Provide a default output directory
  16. SF RFE 1368073 Enable plugins for DITA open toolkit
  17. SF RFE 1379518 Clearer error messages and improved exception handling
  18. SF RFE 1379523 DITA to Rich Text Format (.rtf) file
  19. SF RFE 1382482 plugin architecture of DITA-OT

DITA OT release

Release is a full build to provide an urgent fix to fix the following critical problem which users found in release 1.1.2.

  • SF Bug 1345600 The build process failed when run "Ant all" in release 1.1.2

For this fix, we have restored all the source DITA files in 'doc' and directories in the binary packages.

Note that the original parameter "args.eclipse.toc" in "Ant tasks and script" was separated to "args.eclipsehelp.toc" for DITA-to-Eclipse help transformation, and "args.eclipsecontent.toc" for DITA-to-dynamic Eclipse content transformation.

Another issue is that we found there is a mismatch in the document and the toolkit behavior when you are trying to use the following command
ant -f conductor.xml -propertyfile ${dita.temp.dir}/property.temp.
Now we have updated the documentation. Please refer to the topic 'Building DITA output with Java command line' on our website for more details.

These updates do not affect standard operation of the toolkit. The main goal of this minor release to enable new users of the toolkit to run the installation verification tests without failure.

DITA OT release 1.1.2

Release 1.1.2 is a maintenance release to fix defects and make patches based on release 1.1.1.

But there are certain limitations and unfixed bugs in this release, such as,
  • Bug 1343963 Blank index.html generated for ditamap contains only reltabe
  • Bug 1344486 java.io.EOFException thrown out when reading ditaval file
Please check the current 'open' bugs on the SourceForge bugs tracker.
  1. SF Bug 1297355: Multilevel HTML Help popup shows filenames
  2. SF Bug 1297657: Update for Supported Parameters page
  3. SF Bug 1304859: Toolkit disallows repetition of topic ID within map
  4. SF Bug 1306361: Fatal error in published ditamap example
  5. SF Bug 1306363: common.css not compiled with htmlhelp
  6. SF Bug 1311788: DTD references not resolved
  7. SF Bug 1314081: Fix catalog entries in catalag-ant.xml for OASIS DTDs
  8. SF Bug 1323435: wrong system id for html output used in validation
  9. SF Bug 1323486: HTML Help subterm indexes not sorted
  10. SF Bug 1325290: JavaHelp output does not work for Russian
  11. SF Bug 1325277: File missing from the map causes abend
  12. SF Patch 1253783: dita2fo-links relative hrefs
  13. SF Patch 1324387: In xslfo, groupchoice var prints extra | delimiter
  14. SF RFE 1324990: Installation Guide
Parameter Changes
  1. The original parameter "args.eclipse.toc" in "Ant tasks and script" was separated to "args.eclipsehelp.toc" for dita2eclipsehelp transformation, and "args.eclipsecontent.toc" for dita2eclipsecontent transformation.
  2. Several parameters were added to the java command line interface, including "/javahelptoc","/javahelpmap","/eclipsehelptoc","/eclipsecontenttoc","/xhtmltoc".
Other Changes
Change to the "doc" directory, except "doc\langref" directory:
  1. The source dita files and the generated HTML, CHM, and PDF files were separated into separate downloads.
  2. The source package contains the source dita files.
  3. The binary package contains the generated HTML, CHM, and PDF files.

DITA OT release 1.1.1

Release 1.1.1 is a maintenance release to fix defects and make patches based on release 1.1.

For patch 1284023, we are changing the name of the jar lib file from dost1.0.jar back to dost.jar because we believe we need to keep the jar file name consistent through various releases.

  1. SF Bug 1196409: HTMLHelp output does not reference CSS
  2. SF Bug 1272687: extra "../" link generated by topicgroup
  3. SF Bug 1273751: revision flag using unavailable pictures
  4. SF Bug 1273816: Index generation doesn't cope with multilevel well
  5. SF Bug 1281900: Unnecessary comment and href typo
  6. SF Bug 1283600: unecessary space in document cause invalid parameter of Ant
  7. SF Bug 1283644: multipul document($FILTERFILE,/) doesn't work (XALAN)
  8. SF Patch 1251609: pretargets xsl directory needs to use ${dita.script.dir}
  9. SF Patch 1252441: Files in temp directory not deleted before build
  10. SF Patch 1253785: Inline images in dita2fo-elems
  11. SF Patch 1284023: change the name of jar file and remove the version name

DITA OT release 1.1

Release 1.1 is a major release to add new functions, fulfill new requirements, make some function enhancements and fix bugs over release 1.0.2.

  1. Adaptation to the new OASIS DITA standard

    Release 1.1 implements the new OASIS DITA 1.0 standard for DITA DTDs and Schemas.

    DTDs of the previous release locate in the directory dtd/dita132 and schemas of the previous release locate in the directory schema/dita132.

  2. Transformation to troff

    Release 1.1 supports new troff output. Troff output looks like Linux man page output.

  3. XML catalog support

    An XML catalog, which can consist of several catalog entry files, is a logical structure that describes mapping information between public IDs and URLs of DTD files. A catalog entry file is an XML file that includes a group of catalog entries. If you want to know more about XML catalog, please referXML Catalog.

    A catalog entry can be used to locate a unified resource identifier (URI) reference for a certain resource such as a DTD file. An external entity's public identifier is used for mapping to the URI reference. The URI of any system identifier can be ignored.

  4. Topicref referring to a nested topic

    The href attribute of the topicref is extended to quote a nested topic in a dita file.

    For example, in previous releases, href attribute is set like: href = "xxx.dita"; in release 1.1, href attribute can be set like: href = "xxx.dita#abc.dita".

  5. Globalization support

    Release 1.1 supports over 20 popular languages within the content of dita files. And it also provides translation function for DITA keywords to over 20 languages. Currently this globalization support fully applies to Eclipse Help and XHTML transformations, and partially applies to other transformations.

  6. Accessibility support

    Accessibility support is now partially applies to PDF and XHTML transformations.

  7. Eclipse Content Provider Support

    Please refer to Eclipse Content Provider for detail information.

  8. Index information in output

    The output of HTML Help and Java Help transformations contain index information now.

  9. Mapref function

    Mapref refers to a special usage of the <topicref> element as a reference to another ditamap file. This allows you to manage the overall ditamap file more easily. A large ditamap file can thus be broken down into several ditamap files, making it easier for the user to manage the overall logical structure. On the other hand, this mechanism also increases the reusability of those ditamap files. If you want to know more about mapref, please refer Mapref.

  10. TOC generation for Eclipse Help transformation

    TOC generation now supported in transformation to Eclipse Help. Eclipse.

  11. Helpset generation for Java Help transformation

    Helpset generation now supported in transformation to Java Help.

  12. New parameters supported in Java commands

    In Java commands: /indexshow, /outext, /copycss, /xsl, /tempdir.

  13. New parameters supported in Ant scripts

    In Ant scripts: args.indexshow, args.outext, args.copycss, args.xsl, dita.temp.dir

Other Changes
  1. SF bug 1220569: Add XML Schema processing to DITA-OT
  2. SF bug 1220644: Prompted ant--image does not link for single topic to PDF
  3. SF bug 1229058: Add schema validation loading file for processing
  4. SF RFE 1176855: Ant must be run from toolkit directory
  5. SF RFE 1183482: Copy pre-existing html to output dir
  6. SF RFE 1183490: Provide argument to specify the location of temp dir
  7. SF RFE 1201242: override capability

DITA OT release 1.0.2

Release 1.0.2 is a maintenance release to fix defects and adds some minor enhancements in release 1.0.1.

  1. SF Bug 1181950: format attribute should be set to 'dita' for dita topic
  2. SF RFE 1183487: Document the usage of footer property
  3. SF RFE 1198847: command line interface support
  4. SF RFE 1198850: architecture document update
  5. SF RFE 1200410: need explanation for dita.list
  6. SF RFE 1201175: XML catalog support
  7. SF Patch 1176909: Add template for getting image URI

DITA OT release 1.0.1

Release 1.0.1 is a maintenance release to fix defects and adds some minor enhancements in release 1.0.

  1. Committer: maplink.xsl doesn't generate related links for second level referred topic
  2. Committer: avoid infinite loop of conref
  3. SF Bug 1160964: Can't point above the directory which contains the map file
  4. SF Bug 1163523: Broken XPath expression in mappull.xsl
  5. SF Bug 1168974: useless DRAFT param in FO transformation
  6. SF Bug 1173162: generate null internal link destination in fo transformation
  7. SF Bug 1173164: Not correctly use document() in dita2fo-links.xsl
  8. SF Bug 1173663: All base directories are DITA-OT 1.0
  9. SF Patch 1163561: XLST match patterns test for element names
  10. SF Patch 1165068: FO hyperlinks and FOP-generated PDF bookmarks
  11. SF Patch 1174012: Modification to sequence.ditamap

DITA OT release 1.0

The initial release of the Open Sourced DITA Toolkit introduces major architectural changes from the previous, developerWorks version of the Toolkit.

New features
  1. A new, Java-based processing architecture that supports single-threaded execution throughout.
  2. Ant-based orchestration of the processing environment, from preprocessing to transformation to any required post-processing.
  3. A pre-processor core that supports conditional processing and conref resolution.
  4. Map-driven processing that generates links for transformed topics.
  5. A new DITA to HTML transform that replaces the previous topic2html_Impl.xsl core transform. This new core is based on requirements for high-volume usage within IBM for the past several years.

Ant-driven processing means that you can integrate the DITA processing tools into a seamless pipeline within supportive environments such as Eclipse.

The DTDs and Schemas in this version are based on those in the previous dita132 package with bug fixes. The DITA OS Toolkit will later support the OASIS 1.0 specification in its public review form.

DITA history on developerWorks (pre-Open Source)

Versions of the toolkit prior to Open Source are in the developerWorks XML Zone at this address: DITA Downloads Change logs for those versions are within the Readme files in each distribution.