Migrating HTML to DITA

The DITA Open Toolkit release 1.2 or above provides a HTML to DITA migration tool, which migrates HTML files to DITA files. This migration tool originally comes from the developerWorks publication of Robert D. Anderson's how-to articles with the original h2d code. This migration tool is under "demo\h2d" directory. You can use it separately because it is not integrated into the main transformation of toolkit. The version in the toolkit is more recent, but the articles should be referenced for information on details of the program, as well as for information on how to extend it. There are links to the articles at the bottom of this page.


The preconditions to be considered before using the migration tool are listed below:

Running examples

You can use the Ant script to migrate only one HTML file or all the HTML files in same directory each time. See Migrating HTML to DITA with Ant script for more details.

You can also use the Java command for migration. See Migrating HTML to DITA with Java command for more details.

Post conditions

There are also some post conditions to consider after processing:

Known limitations

There are some known limitations within the current release, please refer to Known Limitations for detailed information.

Extension points

The HTML2DITA migration tool helps extension in the following listed ways:

Additional information

You can find the here original developerWorks publication via links below: