Known Limitations

Below are some known limitations categorized by module within the current release of the DITA Open Toolkit.

Transformation to PDF and Word RTF

  1. You can change the styles of the output file by using tools in Microsoft® Word rather than specifying the styles before transforming.
  2. If there is a cross reference referring to an URL in the DITA source file, the link should be completed defined with the proper internet protocol. For example, specify instead of
  3. Flagging, revision bar and filtering are not supported in PDF and Word RTF output.
  4. The morerows attribute of the table element used to generate vertically merged cell is not supported in PDF output.
  5. Style attributes for table are not supported in Word RTF output.
  6. Complex cases dealing with tables in lists are not supported in Word RTF.
  7. There may be no output style applied on contents of some tags in Word RTF output compared with other output.

HTML to DITA migration

  1. Since Xalan doesn't allow to set the public and system IDs dynamically using a variable, when Xalan is used as the default XSLT processor, the output will contain:
    <!DOCTYPE topic PUBLIC "{$publicid}" "{$systemid}">

    Suggest to use Saxon as the processor to fix this problem. For other information on this problem, see the section "Other general migration notes" in the first developerWorks article.

  2. Currently, the stylesheet can't handle HTML files within namespace like below:
    <html xmlns="">
    Note: This limitation has been fixed in release 1.2.1, please refer to the Migrating HTML to DITA for detail information.