Eclipse Content Provider

The Eclipse Content Provider was introduced in the DITA-OT Release 1.1. With the Eclipse Content Provider, you do not need to transform DITA files completely to HTML before loading them in Eclipse. This new function will preprocess DITA files and dynamically transform them into HTML at runtime.

During the building process, the Eclipse Content Provider generates the file plugin.xml. The file plugin.xml provides the definition of one or more tables of contents and locates the contents to display.

Here is an example of creating an output for the Eclipse Content Provider and view the output in specially designed Eclipse on Windows XP. This assumes that your environment is already set up to run DITA-OT transformations.
  1. Start the Windows command line interface.
  2. Switch to the directory c:\DITA-OT\ (or to your own install directory for the toolkit).
  3. Enter the following command to build:
    java -jar lib\dost.jar /i:samples/sequence.ditamap 
          /outdir:out /transtype:eclipsecontent 
  4. Then view all the files under c:\DITA-OT\out\ and copy these files to the corresponding directory under the plugin directory for Eclipse.
  5. Call the specially designed Eclipse to view the output.