Transforming DITA to Word with Ant script

Running Example

  1. Specify a directory where you want to put the output files. For example, e:/output/dita2word.
  2. Open an ant script file from the default model template. You can find the file "template_wordrtf.xml" under the "ant" directory.
  3. Modify the transformation type to Word. The default file name is "ant.xml". If you want to save the template file, make sure to save it as another file name. For example, antfile.xml.
  4. On the command line, enter ant -f <ant.xml>.
  5. After processing and generating, a single output file in ".rft" format occurs in the specified directory, such as in e:/output/diat2word.
  6. You can use Microsoft® Word to open the output file.
  7. You can also further edit the output file by using tools in Microsoft Word.