Distribution packages

The DITA Open Toolkit is distributed in three packages: minimal, standard, and full-easy-install. The source code is available both as a Git repository and a ZIP file.

Minimal package

This package is designed for vendors that embed the toolkit within a product. It contains all of the core processing code: CSS and XSLT files, Ant build scripts, Java code (dost.jar), resource files, and the OASIS DITA DTDs and Schemas. Users need to have their own versions of Ant and other libraries; they also need to set up environment variables for each library. The only external files that are included are the DTDs and Schemas, along with the following open-source libraries:
  • Apache Catalog Resolver, version 1.1
  • Apache Commons Codec, version 1.4
  • Apache Xerces, version 2.11.0
The minimal package has the following file names:
  • DITA-OT1.7.2_minimal_bin.zip
  • DITA-OT1.7.2_minimal_bin.tar.gz

Standard package

This package is designed for people who want the core toolkit functionality, but who already have locally-installed copies of Ant and other required tools. It contains everything in the minimal package, plus documentation, demo code (for example, legacy support for the old bookmap), sample Ant scripts, and sample DITA files. The standard package includes the following open-source libraries:

The standard package has the following file names:
  • DITA-OT1.7.2_standard_bin.zip
  • DITA-OT1.7.2_standard_bin.tar.gz

Full-easy-install package

his package is designed for users who want the simplest installation experience. In addition to the core DITA-OT code and the external libraries that are in the minimal and standard packages, it contains Apache Ant and FOP. The full-easy-install package also contains batch files designed to set up a build environment using those tools, as well as a scripts for a guided demo of the DITA-OT. The full-easy-install package includes the following external libraries:

The full-easy-install package has the following file names:
  • DITA-OT1.7.2_full_easy_install_bin.zip
  • DITA-OT1.7.2_full_easy_install_bin.tar.gz