Installing the DITA Tookit small package distribution

Installing the small package distribution

To install the small package:
  1. Download the small package from
  2. Unzip the package into the C:\ditaot directory on Windows, or into a home directory on Linux.
  3. On Windows, add C:\ditaot\lib;C:\ditaot\lib\dost.jar;C:\ditaot\lib\resolver.jar to your CLASSPATH environment variable.
  4. On Linux, set up your environment variable CLASSPATH. For example:
    export CLASSPATH=$CLASSPATH:${ditaot_dir}/lib:${ditaot_dir}/lib/dost.jar:${ditaot_dir}/lib/resolver.jar

Installation considerations

Before installing the DITA Open Toolkit small package and its prerequisite software on Windows, check to see if any of the required tools are already installed on your system and, if so, whether the version you have is supported (see System requirements and supported applications). For any tools you need to install, complete the tasks below in the order shown.