About the tools

These tools are written in the PHP programming language, and are meant to be invoked either from a command line prompt or from an Ant build script. They all take a single argument, which is the name of a .ditamap file. The tools process all files in the hierarchy below the level of the invoked map.

Tool Description
ditaauthors.php Returns a set of unique author and copyright strings, with counts for each.
ditadebug.php Produces several debugging and informational reports, most of them in a format that can be imported into a spreadsheet or a database. The reports include:
  • A list of any incorrect references found in the source files
  • A list of directories containing files used by the map
  • For each file in the map, its name, type, author, size, date last modified, and title
  • The total number of files by type
  • A list of all references found
ditaedit.php Can be used to search for and replace strings in all files in the DITA map..
ditaids.php Produces an alphabetical list of IDs for all files in the map, with duplicates marked with an asterisk.
ditakeys.php Produces a list of all metadata keywords defined.
ditalinks.php Tests all URLs referenced by files in the map for validity.
ditapreview.php Does incremental builds on small numbers of recently written files.