Grocery shopping sample

The grocery shopping sample, which is downloadable from, is a simple DITA project that includes seven topics: an overview topic, two concepts, two tasks, and two reference topics. The project also includes a map that aggregates the files and links them meaningfully using a relationship table. Ant scripts that process to all DITA Open Toolkit targets are also provided.

Before you begin to use the grocery shopping sample files, we recommend creating two directories in your root directory called DITASAMPLE_GROCERY_SOURCE and DITASAMPLE_GROCERY_OUTPUT (Windows examples would be C:/DITASAMPLE_GROCERY_SOURCE and C:/DITASAMPLE_GROCERY_OUTPUT) and then copying into them both the grocery shopping sample files DITASAMPLE_GROCERY_SOURCE. Your directory structure should then look like this:

The grocery shopping sample assumes you are already familiar with the garage sample provided as both a project model as well as a tool to verify your DITA Open Toolkit installation, and that you have processed the garage sample as described in Processing (building) and publishing DITA documents.

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