Prerequisite element (<prereq>)

In a task, a prerequisite element specifies something a user needs to know or do before beginning the task.



<prereq>Do your produce shopping <i>after</i> you have bought your canned goods. 
Otherwise, the cans might bruise the fruits and vegetables!</prereq>

<context>Remember to look for local produce in season. 
The fruits and vegetables you buy will be fresher and cheaper! 
Say you're shopping in August for peaches grown locally. 
When you get to the produce section of your grocery store:</context>
<cmd>Get a plastic or paper bag to hold the peaches.</cmd>
<cmd>Pick out the freshest peaches you can find, and put them gently into your bag.</cmd>
<info>To avoid bruising, don't put more than 6 peaches in each bag.</info>
<cmd>Put the bag gently into your grocery cart.</cmd>
<postreq>When you check out, be sure the grocery clerk also handles your peaches carefully.</postreq>