Use case template

This sample template was included to promote consistency in writing up use cases for DITA or DITA Open Toolkit.


Organization name

Author name


Industry, sector


Examples: cost; translation, localization; working with a business or internal partner; using a library system or CMS; metadata (controlled vocabulary, ontology, taxonomy); content modeling; migrating legacy content; prototyping; lone writer scenario; output type (XHTML, HTML Help, PDF, etc); industry; distribution or access scenario.

Prime motivation

Examples: contain spiraling translation costs, reduce time to market, work more effectively with business partners


What specific problem were you trying to solve? (100-200 words)


What alternatives did you explore or try, and what were the pros and cons of each? (50-100 words)


What was the solution, and what DITA-related tools and techniques did you use? (200-400 words)


Was the original problem completely solved? What was the user reaction? Include testimonials, if possible. (100-200 words)

Future plans

Is any follow-on work planned? If so, how did this project set the stage? (50-100 words)