Creating topics

In this topic you will create a simple DITA topic based on a template already provided. You will be working in the DITASAMPLE_GROCERY_SOURCE directory. This topic assumes you are familiar with the information in About the grocery shopping sample.
  1. Go to the template/topics directory.
  2. Copy the groceryshopping.dita file to the "working" directory (working/topics).
  3. Using your authoring tool, edit the "working" version of the groceryshopping.dita file.
  4. In the prolog section of the file, change the text of the author element text to your name.
  5. Also in the prolog section, change the text of the copyrholder element to your company name.
  6. Also in the prolog section, update the "revised" date of the critdates element. Your groceryshopping.dita file should now look something like this:
    <topic id="groceryshopping" xml:lang="en-us">
    <title>Shopping for groceries</title>
    <shortdesc>Tips on buying groceries.</shortdesc>
    <author type="creator">Tom McIntyre</author>
    <copyryear year="2007"/>
    <copyrholder>Acme Company</copyrholder>
    <created date="2006-August-07"/>
    <revised modified="2007-March-18"/>
    <keyword>grocery shopping</keyword>
    <!-- This is a container topic—it has no body content. -->
    <!-- Do not type anything here. -->
  7. Save the changed file.